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Lowcountry Innovation Center - Approach

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The heart of the Lowcountry Innovation Center is the belief that individuals perform at a higher level when they are provided with a quality work environment.  Highly-skilled knowledge-based companies are at the forefront of job creation in the United States and our focus is on providing an environment that they can thrive in.  We are focused on creating a working community of diverse companies rather than focus on a single area of expertise.

The design of the individual spaces is intended to accommodate the very nature of businesses today. Whether it's a flexible open loft space or inviting common areas, the concept is to have spaces that are ready to change depending on the tenant's needs. Data and electrical systems are easily accessible for reconfiguration depending upon the needs of the tenant. With five tenant conference rooms, a coffee bar, and seven foot wide halls, the overall feeling of the center is one of a community, not an office building.

We are in business for many reasons, but asking you to spend more money than you need to is not one of them. We have utilized some of the newest technology to save you money. We have low flow plumbing to minimize water-usage, and local indigenous plants that do not need irrigation. Each suite has its own high efficiency HVAC system for individual control and comfort. Each unit is programmed to cycle down in the evening when most individuals are gone for the day. However, each unit can be overridden if needed. Lighting is controlled by a Watt Stopper that turns many of the common area lights off when not in use. Motion sensors will reactivate the lights when you re-enter the area. The resulting lower electric and water costs are then passed on to the customer.

The Lowcountry Innovation Center is focused on attracting knowledge-based companies and creating an environment which allows individuals from different disciplines and organizations an opportunity to interact and collaborate. A wide variety of spaces have been designed to allow companies to expand or contract depending on their needs.


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Lowcountry Innovation Center

1535 Hobby Street
North Charleston
South Carolina, 29405
Phone: 843-735-5840
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Suite 203H - Management Office