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Lowcountry Innovation Center - Philosophy

3 Our Business Philosophy

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When creating the Lowcountry Innovation Center, it was our goal to preemptively meet the needs of today’s knowledge-based worker.  Our philosophy started with asking ourselves the same questions that our companies would ask and making sure that our facility provided an answer.

Unlike factory or retail companies, knowledge-based employees take their inventory home with them each night.  Any location that is in a difficult location creates a time consuming and tedious daily commute.  We chose a location that was central to all regions in the Lowcountry and adjacent to the airport and major highways.  This central location puts our companies in closer proximity to their clients, suppliers, and transportation providers while allowing employees to enjoy the Lowcountry's history, beaches, and hospitality.

We also had to take into consideration that today's knowledge-based companies do not operate in a vacuum.  Ad hoc project teams are formed and reformed based upon the immediate need and a ten person operation could swell to over a hundred overnight and then trim back down upon a projects completion.  In addition, our space needed to be flexible enough to accommodate collaborative projects and larger groups of visiting professionals.  The Innovation Center's flexible office space and collaborative meeting rooms successfully accommodate business and projects of all sizes.

In addition to flexible sizes, knowledge-based companies have flexible needs.  New technology products have differing infrastructure requirements and we needed to be able to accommodate them.  By taking the extra effort to actively manage the Innovation Center and provide almost constant on-site interaction we are able to meet the changing needs of our companies as soon as they arise.


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Lowcountry Innovation Center

1535 Hobby Street
North Charleston
South Carolina, 29405
Phone: 843-735-5840
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